Design Process

Process Design

Process Design

The ever-changing nature of the IT industry means that in order to remain competitive, technology products must constantly be redesigned and reengineered. With a highly skilled and experienced IT staff, we can provide design, engineering and support services for your new products and product modifications. By assigning the design and engineering of the new products to a team, we ensure that the team who designed the product also designed the quality control testing procedures for this product. The intention is that this designated team be capable of supporting the product during the course of its lifecycle. This method of designing and engineering translates in reduced costs and reduced time-to-market for you.

To further improve the look and feel of your manufactured product, we can also design the packaging for your product. By taking into consideration the weight specifications and any protective material that may be necessary, our experienced team will provide you with the right packaging for your product.

Throughout the process of manufacturing, our IT experts will work in collaboration with you to ensure that the quality, reliability and affordability of the products are being preserved, and that the product is tailored to your specific needs.

To complement our design and manufacturing services, we offer prototyping services. After the design for the product is complete, we can build a prototype of your product. In fact, separate assembly lines are entirely dedicated to prototyping to ensure that prototype parts are never mistakenly interchanged with production parts. To further support you with your prototype, we maintain a close relationship with our suppliers to assure that when new components are introduced, they are reliable and of high quality. It is only after rigorous testing and quality control that the product is ready for production.

Finally, throughout the prototyping process, our IT staff works closely with CIARA Engineering Project Manager to finalize the processes and support structures required for the manufacturing of the product. During this process, the project manager is in close contact with you to make certain that every aspect of the product meets your requirements, and that the prototyping is done in a most efficient and prompt manner.