Faceplate Bezel



CIARA creates customized faceplates and bezels that enhances your brand identity and makes a visible impact with your customers, offering a variety of materials such as metal, extruded, molded or bent aluminum, molded or extruded plastic and Mylar overlay to provide the ultimate aesthetic flexibility. With a range of options (LCD, LED light indicators and various silk screening or pad-printing effects), you can choose exactly how you want your appliance to look like.

CIARA provides a wide range of standard faceplates and bezels that can you help achieve brand identity and recognition. These products are made of Lexan, Vinyl or Laminated Vinyl Appliques and are great for high-resolution imaging, to wrap an entire faceplate and provide a quick, affordable, cost effective, durable and attractive looks.

Partial available options:

- Plastic Molded Bezel
- Extruded Plastic Bezel
- Aluminum Extruded Bezel
- Vinyl, Lexan, Laminated Faceplate
- Sticker, Silkscreen or pad printing
- Wide color, finish and texture variety of powder coating paint
- LCD displays