Supply Chain



Vendors - Vendor Relationship Management is one of our key advantages in driving down costs for our clients. Due to our large purchase volume and by working closely with all our vendors we are able to stay in front of pricing trends and technology to pass on savings for our customer.

Approved Vendor List – Simply having a list of vendors that you can purchase from does not mean you are getting favorable pricing for your clients. CIARA maintains an approved vendor list to drive down cost by driving up volume for these key relationships. Having a strong partnership with our vendors we also receive dedicated account representation for both pricing and technical support.

Materials Planning – Part of our supply chain process is the assignment of a Material Planner. This individual coordinates what components are needed for our clients builds along with scheduling and supervising to make sure production stays on schedule.

Procurement – Scheduling the arrival of components necessary to complete a build is critical to a just in time manufacturing process. To do this our Procurement team works with our Materials Planner to place orders with our vendors that matches productions schedule. By managing our supply chain in this method we are able to reduce expenses and thus drive down our costs to our clients.
End-of-Life Management –Products do not have an indefinite manufacturing life span. As such products go out of production and are replaced with an alternative model. Keeping ahead of such changes is key to a supply chain strategy so that we are able to continue supplying finished products to our customers. To do this we have implemented an End of Life (EOL) management team who monitors components located within a BOM to make sure they stay accessible for manufacturing. In the event that a product is alerted to be going this team will partner with the customer to find a viable substitute well before supply has disappeared from the market.