Mission and Expertise

The Ciara Advantages

"Our mission is to solve customer problems with scalable, high-performance computing solutions where high-density, reliability, affordability, security and unsurpassed quality are required. This is our focus and our differentiation versus other manufacturers or providers."

 - Robert Ahdoot, President of CIARA

More than 25 Years of Leadership CIARA is a leader in the field of Mission Critical IT requirement, High Performance Computing and OEM/ODM Appliances Services. CIARA hardware engineers and software designers have led the rapidly changing and evolving field of computer technology with an impressive product line since its inception in 1984. Some of CIARA customers include well known pharmaceutical enterprises, educational Institutions, government or research laboratories and digital companies who all stay competitive by proudly using CIARA products and services.



Excellent Technical Support & Customer Service

CIARA technical support and customer service is our most valued asset. Our CIARA technicians and sales staff consistently ensure that your entire experience is handled both promptly and professionally. The level of expertise of our technical sales and service teams is first rate and often exceeds the expectations of comparable services offered by large, multinational corporations. “Avant-Garde” Technology CIARA keeps you on the leading and sometimes ‘bleeding edge’ of technology by providing sophisticated and powerful designs in addition to the latest in emerging technologies for processors, networking, software and peripherals.


Tailored Construction

CIARA solutions are tailored to meet the needs of even the most stringent budgets, including the latest available technology for optimal performance and reliability. Our knowledgeable technical sales team work with you to custom design your server system for applications such as numeric processing, image processing, data warehousing, molecular modeling, video animation and/or CAD.



We differentiate ourselves by the quality, reliability and affordability of our manufactured products. Indeed, the relationships we have built with our customers have been based on these three manufacturing essentials. Accordingly, to uphold this notion and preserve the quality of our products, our company has implemented a number of Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures, processes and control mechanisms to fully support this initiative.


ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001

CIARA adheres to the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001 Standards. To qualify for these certifications, a company must abide by a strict set of rules that encompass quality control in five main areas of a business:


1) Systemic Requirements

2) Management Requirements

3) Resource Requirements

4) Realization Requirements

5) Remedial Requirements.


Each of these five areas has extensive regulations detailing the standards and practices that must be in place to qualify for these certifications.

Pride & Professionalism

Everything at CIARA is done with exceptional attention to detail. Each member of the company is highly educated, rigorously trained and deeply committed to providing the highest quality products and services our customers deserve and expect. We labor relentlessly to provide superior product design, technical support, and quality control.