Products and Services

Products and Services Overview

IT Products
CIARA is one of the leading provider and manufacturer of personal computers (‘‘PCs’’) in Canada based on unit volume shipped. CIARA provides commercial and personal PCs, workstations and other related accessories, software and services for the commercial and public markets. Like the broader PC market, CIARA continues to experience a shift toward low power consumption products such as micro PC and thin client. Both commercial and public sector PCs are based predominately on the Windows operating system and use Intel processors.

Personal Computer
Commercial PC’s CIARA offers a variety of personal computers optimized for commercial uses, including enterprise and SMB customers for connectivity and manageability in networked environments. These commercial PCs include primarily the CIARA “Discovery” and “Enterprise” computers, the CIARA ASTRO Micro PC and Thin Clients.

Workstations are individual computing products designed for users demanding enhanced performance, such as computer animation, engineering design and other programs requiring high-resolution graphics. CIARA provides workstations named “KRONOS” that run on both Windows and Linux-based operating systems.

Industry Standard Servers
Industry standard servers include primarily entry-level and mid-range “ATLAS” servers, which run primarily Windows, Linux and Novell operating systems and leverage Intel and AMD processors. The ATLAS line of products includes pedestal-tower servers, density-optimized rack servers, high density servers and blades servers. Our Industry Standard Servers offer a range of component choices and are typically built-to-order, providing a high degree of flexibility to our customers. We believe we offer a broader range of product configurations than larger global x86 server market competitors. We continually qualify new configurations as new motherboard, processor, memory, disk drive and other component technologies become available. The ATLAS servers line is designed to provide benefits in the areas of density, power efficiency, thermal management, ease of serviceability and remote management. They are also designed to reduce total cost of ownership and accelerate time-to-market.

CIARA MAGMA storage offering includes entry-level, mid-range and high-end arrays, storage area networks, network attached storage, storage management software and virtualization technologies, as well as tape drives, and tape libraries. Our storage servers utilize industry-standard components and lower-cost operating systems. We offer storage servers that allow our customers to run their own storage software or storage management applications. Our storage platforms leverage many of the same design principles and component technologies as our standard server platforms. We also source storage hardware technologies from third parties under both OEM and resale agreement

HPC Solutions
The server market continues to shift towards standard-based architectures as proprietary hardware and operating systems are replaced by industry standard server platforms that typically offer competitive pricing and performance advantages by leveraging standard-based operating systems and microprocessor designs. At the same time, critical business function continues to demand scalability and reliability. By providing a broad portfolio of storage and server solutions, CIARA aims to optimize the combined product solutions required by different customers and provide solutions for a wide range of operating environments, spanning the enterprise, public and the SMB markets. CIARA provides storage and server products in a number of categories. CIARA HPC systems include the NEXXUS® Personal Cluster, the acclaimed VXRACK® high density blade server, FUSION-1200® SMP Server and the Atlas X Series high density Rackmount server. CIARA extremely scalable solutions offer outstanding performance for intensive workloads in all demanding industries.

ATLAS X High-Density Servers
CIARA ATLAS X family is truly revolutionary. With two DP nodes in a 1U space or four DP nodes in a 2U space, the ATLAS X Series delivers world-class performance and energy efficiency in a small but powerful package. Optimized redundant power and cooling components make the ATLAS X Series the best choices for HPC, datacenter, and cost-effective blade applications.

VXRACK® Cluster Technology
VXRACK® is one of the world’s most dense cluster system. It delivers unparalleled computing power, scalability, redundancy and performance for HPC needs. VXRACK® achieves extreme high-density architecture by using commodity off-the-shelf components. It triples the current rack density using 1U servers and surpasses any other blade technology. VXRACK® achieves excellence in terms of computing power. VXRACK® is designed for hosting up to 96 VXBLADE® based on Intel or AMD’s latest Architecture. VXRACK® is setting the industry standard. The Newly "Re-Designed" VXRACK 2nd Generation High Density Cluster will be launched in early 2012. More dense, more efficient, more affordable, the VXRACK G2 will comply with the Open Compute requirement. Stay tuned !!!!

NEXXUS Personal Cluster
The NEXXUS Personal Cluster family is a high performance cluster “to-go” that delivers powerful, scalable and easy-to-use supercomputing resources to project teams, departmental computing and highly productive individual contributors. This unique cluster design that includes from 10 to 20 Intel or AMD latest processors provides a budget friendly answer to your most computationally intensive projects. NEXXUS Personal Clusters can go anywhere. No computer rooms or system administrators are needed. With this unique package design and world class clustering software, you get workstation-like simplicity with unmatched scalability, reliability and performance. Whether your project is on land, sea or in the air, the NEXXUS Personal Cluster family delivers all the freedom and productivity you need in one small and convenient package.

TITAN GPU Computing
When EXTREME PERFORMANCE matters, the CIARA TITAN systems are the answer. With up to Eight (8) NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards in a single server, TITAN offers massive parallel processing capabilities to solve complex problems. Powered by up to 3584/1920 cores, nearly 8 Tflops of peak performance and nearly 5 Tflops of double precision performance, the TITAN 900 delivers Supercomputer performance at a fraction of the cost.

OEM Services
Overtime, the integration/contract manufacturing market has evolved toward the development and manufacture of systems built using commercially available standardized components and standardized operating system software. The processing power of standard Intel processors has reached a level at which these processors can adequately meet the demands of many appliances. Standard operating systems, such as Windows1 and Linux, have also increased in capability and sophistication and can now be used as the ‘embedded’ operating system environment.

Application platforms are pre-configured devices, sometimes referred to as appliances, designed to enhance software application functionality. CIARA develops and manufactures platform solutions and provide services that enable customers to deliver their applications as purpose-built appliances and network-ready devices. CIARA achieves this by delivering innovative platforms and high value-added services to our customers to enable more cost-efficient, secure, predictable and managed solutions.

CIARA offers a comprehensive suite of lifecycle management services, including solution design, engineering, integration control, global logistics, support and maintenance. This suite of solutions delivers products and services that software developers need in order to deploy their application as a complete, turnkey solution.

Engineering services include the development of comprehensive application platform solutions while acting as partners (in conjunction with OEM, ISV and service provider customers) to bring successful products to market. CIARA has engineered a complete development and deployment process, which takes into account all major aspects of a comprehensive solution design, from performance requirements to branding, packaging and quality assurance.

Branding Services
We brand the appliance platform for our customers (OEM, ISV and service provider). Branding is applied to the platform itself as well as to all accompanying documentation (i.e. quick start guides, user and technical guide, shipping boxes, labels and other paperwork (i.e. packing slip, invoices, etc…). We employ full-time mechanical and electrical engineers who build customized chassis, bezels, LCD front panels and other features to provide a custom look and feel.

Quality and Control
Our commitment to quality workmanship and efficient business operations are governed by its compliance to ISO 9001-2008, ISO14001 and ISO 13485-2003 (Medical). This ensures customers to receive high-reliability products and services that meet or exceed industry expectations.

Global Logistics
CIARA offering includes a variety of logistics services such as branding, global shipping, material handling, returns, refurbishment, and full inventory control that customers themselves would otherwise be required to accommodate. These services are designed to help customers consolidate and streamline their business logistics operations and reduce the operating and capital expenses. We provide our customers with global logistics support and order fulfillment by delivering the final product to them or directly to their end user customers all over the world. In order to streamline the information related to these services, we provide our customers with access to a secure web portal (“MyFactoryPortal”). This extranet allows customers to view every step of the order fulfillment. Customers can also request additional information, print their invoice, receive automatic notification of shipments and inventory levels. MyFactoryPortal gives our customers the ability to view and manage their assets on a day-to-day basis.

IT Asset Disposition
The Hypertec Group is pleased to offer all of its customers access to our new recycling program.

This program offers our customers the ability to send outdated IT hardware and rechargeable batteries to the Hypertec Group for disposal and recycling.

CIARA works with multiple re-cycling companies to ensure that all the salvageable components and metals are reused and recycled in an effort to continue advancement with global green initiatives.

There is no fee associated with our standard recycling program nor shall the customer receive any payment in respect of the recycled products.

If a customer requires additional services such as the destruction of a component, or a certificate of destruction – then a fee for this service would be required. Upon request of such service, the Hypertec group will extend a quote to the customer with the terms and requirements.

The customer shall be required to complete and transmit a purchase order to cover the chargeable items as well as enclose a detailed packing list of all the products.

The customer shall also assume the full cost of packaging, shipping and transportation to our following depot locations.

For U.S. customers - 1868 E Broadway Road, Tempe Arizona, 85282

For customers in Canada - 9300 TransCanada Highway, Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada H4S 1K5.

Any customer who wishes to make use of our program can contact their local sales rep.

If you do not have a local sales rep, or are new to CIARA, please fill out the information form on our Contact Us page, insert “Take back recycling program-[name of your company]” in the Subject field and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.