Aerospace IT Solutions

Maximize Productivity and Lower Operating Costs with our Leading High Performance IT Solutions for Aerospace

In the aerospace industry, the speed by which designs are conceived, formulated and rendered has become the critical factor in maximizing efficiency and minimizing the cost of tight product launch schedules for industry players who are striving to stay ahead of the competition. Computing power and speed thus pose the greatest challenges confronting those engineers who are engaged in these two sectors. Currently, workstation computers both hamper and impede such functions as opening large files and rendering designs, thereby causing unacceptable delays in the workflow throughout the organization. Added to the mix is an acute awareness of the ever-increasing costs surrounding the product development process, the inherent risk of major penalties should a product launch be delayed and its overall impact on profitability. 

CIARA’s KRONOS workstations are uniquely positioned to address the computing challenges currently faced by aerospace organizations. The KRONOS workstation is designed and optimized to achieve speeds of up to ten (10) times faster than the leading major manufacturers, all within a similar price tag. CIARA incorporates into its systems the fastest available processors that are safely accelerated in combination with carefully selected components to achieve a coordinated balance of power, performance and cost to the delight of all its customers. The KRONOS workstation is designed to target industry-related CAD, CAE, pre and post processing software and its elevated performance serves both to accelerate the pace at which projects are completed to get to market earlier as well as to reduce staffing requirements during peak periods.

CIARA also offers a wide range of services and solutions designed to help reduce your IT infrastructure costs. Whether you need cost-effective and scalable colocation services, performance optimization services, IT asset disposition services, hardware support, robust GPU solutions, enterprise servers or desktop computers, CIARA can cater to all of your business needs. In addition, CIARA is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and e-Stewards certified and prides itself in making sure that its products and services conform to the highest international standards with minimal impact on the environment.

IT Products & Services Designed for Aerospace

High Performance Workstations to Accelerate the Pace of Your Projects
Our KRONOS workstations are purpose-built, quiet, energy efficient and optimized to increase productivity as well as profitability.

Performance Optimization Services to Tailor Your Workstations to Your Needs
Our specialists can tweak your workstation to provide you with a finely tuned and balanced system specific to your workload and environment.

GPU Solutions to Help Solve Your Most Critical Computing Challenges
Our TITAN GPU servers can be configured with the latest technology, helping our customers achieve more processing power and quicker rendering times.

Cost-Effective, Energy Efficient and Scalable Colocation Services
We offer colocation services that are secure and reliable but also highly scalable, energy efficient and flexible both in rack design and density.